An Interview with… Jake Goddard (Kustom Media)

After being a regular poster on the Little Music page and crossing paths with some of our previous featured artists, Jake Goddard, a part of the production company, Kustom Media and producer of the ‘Cardiff Heads’ series, put out this video for Skunkadelic & Louis Vines’ track - final hour, we at Little Music spoke to him about the ins and outs of the piece and how he started out making the video.

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Byterate - Little Music Exclusive Minimix

Byterate coming through to you with an EXCLUSIVE minimix for Little Music UK - 12 minutes of pure bassweight from the up & coming cardiff producer.

Check him out.

Ellie Makes Music

Ellie was our very first featured artist on the Little Music Page and has come a long long way since her bedroom recorded demos that were put up almost a year ago now. She provides a unique folky vibe with excellent vocal work, as well as skillfull guitar playing and the ability to put her own spin on already great tunes.

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