Icons of Andria

Icons of Andria are interesting. That’s all we can really say.
Featuring the fantastic vocal talents of Fabiola Sanchez (Who you may recognise from Familiar Trees) some excellent production, genuinely uplifting progressions and overall nice vibes, Icons of Andria are an excellent group.

Mix that up with the Sci-fi concept they are working with and the geek inside you will be totally satisfied, the story is compelling and the project is unlike anything we’ve personally seen or heard before. All of their tracks have fantastic artwork that gets coloured when a certain play count is reached and everything coming together is what made Icons of Andria stand out to us.


Grime-step-hop-funk dude Capeton has been producing for a little while now and has a huge mixture of different sounds being cooked up in his studio. He always manages to put out something fresh with every upload and is improving in skill at an incredibly rate.


Colo bring an absolutely awesome future sound to the table, a mix between house, future garage and some classic dubstep vibes, their deep, dark sound will draw you in from the get go. We were honoured to have them play their Debut DJ Set at our first birthday party in 2012.

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