Underworld - Born Slippy (1999)

Can Underworld smash it as much as this for the opening ceremony… Wondering about this Channel 4 thing that’s coming up soon as well, 6 hours of live djing to celebrate the Roots of rave, shame they’ve said it’s the anniversary of Castlemorton, when that was in May, and we’re now in August.

ANYWAY, Londoners, have fun in the Games, if you can move.

(Anybody caught not having fun will be locked up)

Owiny Sigoma in the Boiler Room

WE ARE. But it’s ok, because Boiler Room have just posted this excellent session up featuring some excellent African sounds 

Electric Guest - Awake (Live @ Paris, La Maroquinerie)

Electric Guest recently performed in Paris and performed their forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced track Awake.

Check it out.


The XX Intro + New song @ Primavera Sound 2012

Thanks to Basumtm  over on YouTube for posting this Video of The XX at Primavera. We’re incredible jealous of everybody who had the chance to be there! The lineup looked enormous.

This is a simple video of sorts. It’s simply Ruckspin of dubstep duo Author (Ruckspin himself and Jack Sparrow) performing his tune After Time live. There’s a strange beauty about the mirrored APC 40 and pretty sounds that emanate from it. 

Granville Sessions

Reppin’ for the tinny squad - Granville Sessions have proven themselves to be one of the best Live UK Hip Hop acts of recent years and have definitely shown it by performing alongside some big names including Jehst, Congo Natty, Pharoah Monch, Necro and even Coki.

Granville’s debut album ‘No State’ is a great introduction to their sound, covering all aspects of their influences, from straight up hard-hitting Hip Hop to a more dubby vibe. With a full band including Drums, Bass, Horns, Keys and even a Live MPC - Granville’s shows are awesome!

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