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Mark Knight Toolroom Knights Ibiza 2012

Mark Knight, the infamous mastermind behind Toolroom Knights in Ibiza, is set to release a 2 disc compilation full of his favourite house tracks in recent memory.

From dancefloor fillers to set-killers, expect to hear them all. Check out the video above for a better taste of things to come.

Hylu & Jago feat. David Boomah & Nãnci Correia - Anansi Riddim

Hylu & Jago of Unit 137 are a team i’ve been following for a little while, and yesterday, they put out this video for their new track Anansi Riddim with David Boomah and Nãnci Correia - the mix between the modern sound and classic, old school ideas of riddims is a welcome breath of fresh air, as i’m always hunting for more reggae and dub that’s true to the roots and respects the history of the Sound System, the spirituality, and of course, the bass.

You can grab the tune HERE on glorious vinyl, decent CD, or MP3.

Snoop Lion - “La La La”

Snoop Dog has decided to undertake a new reggae project calling himself Snoop Lion, not sure how I feel about this being a huge dub and reggae fan, though it’s nice to see a classic Ken Boothe Riddim being resurrected, though unfortunately under the name of Major Lazer. 

People have been quick to call Snoop a sellout for this move, I can’t really judge it this early on, but what is a fact is there’s already a documentary in partnership with Vice ready to go.

An Interview with… Jake Goddard (Kustom Media)

After being a regular poster on the Little Music page and crossing paths with some of our previous featured artists, Jake Goddard, a part of the production company, Kustom Media and producer of the ‘Cardiff Heads’ series, put out this video for Skunkadelic & Louis Vines’ track - final hour, we at Little Music spoke to him about the ins and outs of the piece and how he started out making the video.

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Underworld - Born Slippy (1999)

Can Underworld smash it as much as this for the opening ceremony… Wondering about this Channel 4 thing that’s coming up soon as well, 6 hours of live djing to celebrate the Roots of rave, shame they’ve said it’s the anniversary of Castlemorton, when that was in May, and we’re now in August.

ANYWAY, Londoners, have fun in the Games, if you can move.

(Anybody caught not having fun will be locked up)

Mala & Gilles Peterson on ‘Mala In Cuba’

You might remember we did a piece a little while back about Mala’s forthcoming project with Gilles Peterson (DUE OUT SOONLY) and we got a bit excited, WELL, Fact Magazine have just put out a new interview with Gilles Peterson and Mala himself about where the album came from, how they started working together and some bits and bobs about the different styles on the album. Give it a watch above.

Jon Lowe - Slow Jam

You might remember Jon Lowe from our featured artist section, when we put him up he didn’t have anything recorded properly - but since he has been in the studio, made a great looking video (I want a fire-rain dispenser in my room) and is getting an album of sorts together

I’ve been locked away working on the ‘album..’ I just tested some of the new stuff out acoustic at some local open mic nights, and then started recording, and now we’re about ready to push it!”

Go give his tune Slow Jam a listen above and check him out on SoundCloud as he has uploaded a lot of new previews and content recently.

Peaking Lights - Beautiful Son


Electric Guest - Awake (Live @ Paris, La Maroquinerie)

Electric Guest recently performed in Paris and performed their forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced track Awake.

Check it out.  

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