An Interview with… Jake Goddard (Kustom Media)

After being a regular poster on the Little Music page and crossing paths with some of our previous featured artists, Jake Goddard, a part of the production company, Kustom Media and producer of the ‘Cardiff Heads’ series, put out this video for Skunkadelic & Louis Vines’ track - final hour, we at Little Music spoke to him about the ins and outs of the piece and how he started out making the video.

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People Just Do Nothing

Seriously, this is a BRILLIANT, and I mean BRILLIANT, Mockumentary.
People Just Do Nothing started out as a YouTube project - and did rather well, it was abuzz amongst online forum users on Drum and Bass Arena, Dubstep Forum, as well as on the social networks such as Facebook for a long time and gained a pretty astounding cult following - and rightly so.

There’s not much I can say other than go and watch it! You’re garaunteed a laugh, especially if you’ve ever found yourself locked into a pirate station in the past - the characters are relatable, the dialouge is convincing and well written, the camera work is interesting, the gags are on point… 

Anyway, enough gushing

Here’s the link

Jam Baxter - Brains

The Gruesome Features is something we’re looking forward to MAHOOSIVELY. The video for the track ‘Brains’ dropped the other day, featuring Sammy B Side on the cuts and the most excellent Illinformed on the buttons - it looks awesome and has a bunch of references for all the old High Focus fans - though it still pains me to see melons treated badly. 

You can pre-order the Limited Edition EP (Believe me, you’ll want to) over at High Focus. It’s on vinyl, which is really really really dope - that’s for sheezy sure - and comes with a dropcard for the whole album in digital format and 5 instrumentals on the flipside. 

Krazy Baldhead - Empty Boy

There’s a lot going on in this vid. Nearly as mad as that El Guincho video.

Die Antwoord - Baby’s On Fire

Just click play!

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